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About Us

The Charleston Land Trust was created by ordinance in 2004 as a city commission dedicated to protecting Charleston’s natural beauty and scenic areas. Through the dedication and donation of lands and creation of conservation easements, the Land Trust has protected many valuable areas of Charleston in its short history.

With few parks located within city limits, the Land Trust has sought the donation of lands which can be used for recreation and beautification purposes. In addition, we have sought conservation easements in areas which merit protection such as the backdrop for our beautiful State Capitol Building. The Land Trust will consider scenic, wildlife, botanical, recreational and historic values when evaluating projects. We work with property owners to determine the best conservation approach and have multiple options for preserving property and enhancing the city of Charleston.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Charleston Land Trust is to acquire, maintain, improve and preserve scenic, recreation, historic, woodland, forestry or cultural lands (public trust lands), to foster the donation of public trust lands to the City, to encourage monetary support for the Land Trust and to maintain public trust lands and moneys which are contributed to the City.


The Charleston Land Trust pursues its goals by:

  1. Evaluating and, if appropriate, accepting lands or easements from prospective donors;
  2. Seeking properties which are consistent with its mission; and
  3. Maintaining and improving Land Trust properties.

Land Trust Members

Current members of the Charleston Land Trust who have been appointed by the mayor and approved by city council have a vast array of experiences, professions and interests in Land Trust business. They include the following:

  • Tom Lane
  • Chris Dodrill
  • Connie Hillenbrand
  • Mary Jean Davis
  • Mary Stanley
  • Jeff Brown
  • OPEN
  • Dennis Strawn
  • Edward C. "Ted" Armbrecht
  • Kristen Harrison
  • Michael Haid
  • Lewis Payne
  • OPEN
  • OPEN
  • OPEN

Send Us Your Photos!

We want to see pics of everyone out enjoying The Land. We would love to post your pictures when we get them! Email us at landtrust@cityofcharleston.org!


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